In light of the issues surrounding the Impatiens Downy Mildew problem we have put together a very respectable selection of alternative plants to use this season that we are pretty sure you’ll be happy with.
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A green leaf foliage with a variety of colors to choose from, all with large vibrant flowers. Harmony New Guinea Impatiens are your best choice this season. The uniform habit and large flowers create instant appeal. These Impatiens are also extremely tolerant against the Downy Mildew that is wreaking havoc on Impatiens up and down the east coast.


As a revolutionary new hybrid, SunPatiens have a proven reputation for outstanding performance in the garden and commercial landscapes, but their impressive features are not limited to outdoor displays. Customers benefit from their full-sun to shade versatility, strong vigor and continuous flower production. Strong weather-tolerant plants allows you to provide three season performance, from spring through hard frost. Grows 24-36″ tall and wide in the garden and grows 18-24″ tall and wide in containers or baskets.


With its hybrid vigor, Butterfly Pentas produce larger flowers and umbels, withstands stressful conditions and shows better garden performance than other commercial seed varieties. Nothing outperforms Graffiti Pentas in containers or the landscape. These garden gems are heat tolerant and will survive in the harshest garden situations. Starla Pentas reach 14-18 inches tall and 16-20 inches wide and produce blooms continuously throughout summers heat and humidity. Ideal for the landscape and mixed containers.


Although there are several members of the Begonia family, The Party Series is the ideal begonia for landscape plantings. Vigorous with a bushy habit, the Party’s are the only large fibrous begonias that do not sacrifice flower power for plant size. Party’s are covered with blooms all season long. ~ Super Olympia Begonia has proven its excellent garden performance in weather conditions that have been constantly changing between continuous rains, heat spells, cold spells, and storms.


Available in Winter 2012/2013 Petunias have an abundance of rich flowers that are early to bloom. Flowers are 3″ to 4″ in size and bounce back quickly from wind and rain. They have exceptional garden performance, but also look great in mixed containers. Excellent choice for outstanding color! Grows 12 to 14 inches in height and 14 to 16 inches in width. Grows full sun.


If you would prefer to continue to use impatiens against the recommendation of Gore Landscaping and the planting community, you may. There are measures that can be taken to treat and attempt to protect these vulnerable plants. Bi-monthly spray treatments are among the very few options available and can be troublesome and costly